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Training for everyone!

Our programs were created to meet the demands of a variety of healthcare professionals.

For some, we respond to their desire to know more about posturology.
Others want to know everything about our services in order to better support their patients.
In addition to our regular program, our partner network can also participate in more intensive training.
We want to share our knowledge and compare our points of view, which is why our courses are open to all healthcare professionals.
Generally, these seminars are multidisciplinary and offer excellent discussions that allow us all to progress.


BRONZE training


Duration of training: 1 DAY 

  • Pointing method

  • Based on posture analysis 

  • Reading and understanding the Sam3D report

  • Clinical case studies, therapeutic orientation  


Bronze training is included with any purchase of a Sam3D Lite or Sam3D Tower device

Training SILVER


Duration of training: 1.5 DAYS

  • Spine anatomy

  • Semiology of the spine

  • Degenerative spine

  • Spine trauma

  • Spinal infections and tumors

  • Clinical case comments   


Training GOLD


Duration of training: 2 DAYS

  • Dynamic analysis

  • Motor preferences

  • Comparisons of methods and tests

  • Posturology

  • Clinical case comments

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