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Shaping the Future with Innovative Solutions

Compact, mobile, easy to use        Designed for Postural Analysis.

Plug-and-play equipment                                   no installation required

     Our innovative solutions for non-invasive whole-body assessment accurately reveal postural deficits.

The software offers an exceptional user experience with visualizations in three planes (frontal, sagittal, and transverse).

The use of the latest generation 3D sensors makes the examination simple and quick.

Not very sensitive to variations in ambient light, detection of points on the patient is automatic.

An automatic report in PDF format is generated, providing all the postural information of the person tested.

The entire examination takes less than 5 minutes!

Our devices are the only ones able to analyze a person from

head to toe, in their natural position, both from the back and from the front

Already! Over 20,000 posture analysis reports


Postural analysis device of the whole body


High precision expert system, Fixed installation in a dedicated location

Back/Face Analysisin natural position, without X-ray 




Any intervention requires a comprehensive approach and must be started before treatment.

Sam3D LITE is the essential tool for enhancing the physiotherapy diagnostic assessment.

A report that can now be billed from the first session (AMS/AMK/AMC 10.7).


Posture is very important in understanding and treating the patient. Using the Sam3D assessment, you can easily carry out an ultra-precise postural analysis of your patient, in order to quickly provide them with the most suitable solutions. You will thus obtain a report demonstrating the effectiveness of the corrections you have made, which will not fail to delight your patients!


Precise postural correction is a complex process that must be addressed before starting treatment.                   orthopedic. Don't make a pair of orthopedic insoles without a Sam3D assessment.

   Your patients will be delighted to leave with a pair of insoles accompanied by a report proving the effectiveness of the corrections that

  you will have previously chosen.


Stop injuries, improve the performance of your athletes

  Stand out and improve your physical preparation sessions. The traceability and monitoring of Sam3D  shows the progress            achieved by your exercises by comparing before and after session.


Postural correction is a multidisciplinary work which must be started before orthodontic treatment.

    Before undertaking any orthodontic work, remember to complete a Sam3D LITE assessment. You will get

    thus a report demonstrating the effectiveness of the corrections you have made, which will not fail to delight your patients!


            The eyes play a central role in regulating posture.

         In posturology, an individual's balance and optimal posture are manifested by the alignment of the feet on the ground and

       eyes on the horizon. In the absence of this harmony, the body retains its ability to move thanks to compensation from other sensors.  Sam3D proves to be perfectly suited to diagnosing imbalances in the body linked to vision. 


                The Sam3D assessment is an extremely important asset in patient care. Quite suitable for diagnosing

                  the origin of the pain, to help you determine the cause(s). In order to treat symptoms, with extreme precision,

                 relieve tension, soften muscles or tissues in order to soothe pain, regain your full mobility

               physical and prevent recurrence of the patientfaster. Patients will be happy to receive a report that validates

             the effectiveness of your corrections implementations.

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